One of the best entry gate of Corbett Tiger Reserve (Sonanadi Zone). Near to Lansedowne and Kotdwar city.

Visitors can enter in it from Vatanvasa entery gate. It is also famous for Halduparao Forest Rest House. The safari road also take us at Halduparao Forest Rest House. The Plain river also goes along side with you, which actually become Sonanadi (Gold River), on which this zone named as Sonanadi  Wildlife Sanctuary. It is blessed with amazing beauty of flora and fauna. Animals like Tiger, Elephant, and leopards are some that you can see in the zone. In Sonanadi, which comes under Corbett Tiger Reserve, three type of government forest rest house available to make tourists stay a memorable one – Halduparo Mundiapani, Rathuwadhab, Sendhikhal etc. Besides this you can book private resorts, hotels and camps near Vatanvasa Gate for best wildlife experience. The region of Mundiapani is best for bird wildlife. 

It is prime forests of the Shiwalik Terai biotic province. Sonanadi literally means the river of gold. Gold panning used to be carried out in the river before the area became a sanctuary.



The nearest stations are Kotdwar and Lansedowne. Just 1:40 hours drive from both stations. The junction point is Duggadda town.

Road and Train: Kotdwar is well connected with Road and trains.

Airport: Jollygrant Airport, Dehradun

Vatanvasa Gate is one of the entry point to Sonanadi Range of Kalagarh Tiger Reserve under Corbett National Park. Located at 46 km from Kotdwara. and 57 Km from Lansedowne city.



A Gypsy has the capacity of 6 persons + 1 Child (up to 5 years). Maximum 7 persons (Including children) can accommodate in one Gypsy. If you are more than 7, two Gypsies need to book. We don’t overload Gypsy as it passes through Off-road jungle conditions. Kindly don’t pressurize us over this. Life (Safety) is first in deep inside jungle where there is no network. 

Safari Cost:

  • INR.4000 (up to 1-4 persons) + Entry Permit cost (INR. 950 for Indian Guests, INR. 3300 for Foreigner Guests)
  • INR. 4500 (5-7 persons) +  Entry Permit cost (INR. 950 for Indian Guests, INR. 3300 for Foreigner Guests)

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